Reservation Request

NEW CLIENTS - Submitting this Reservation Request in advance allows us to verify kennel availability and your dog's vaccine history- Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations are required for Daycare & Boarding services. Grooming services only require a current Rabies vaccination.

EXISTING CLIENTS - please submit a reservation request here.

*We must have accurate/current information in order to process your request- if we cannot verify your dog's information (current vaccinations, etc), we will be unable to confirm your requested reservation date(s).

Name *
*If the name of the person submitting the Reservation Request differs from that of the person on the account at the veterinary clinic, please specify.
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Dog Size(s) *
*Please select the weight range in which your dog fits (important when checking Boarding kennel availability)*
*Please provide name of clinic possessing full & most recently updated vaccination history (if more than one, please list)
Veterinary Clinic Phone Number *
Veterinary Clinic Phone Number
Please select which service you are requesting.
Requested Drop Off Date *
Requested Drop Off Date
Please select the requested drop off date/service date for Boarding, Daycare, or Grooming. *Boarding Pick Up Date must be selected in the following field. *At this time, Grooming is only offered on Mondays.
Requested Pick Up Date
Requested Pick Up Date
*BOARDING ONLY: Please select the requested pick up date.
*If your dog will be unable to participate in group play (daycare/boarding), please inform us below. *Please provide any additional information regarding your request. If no additional information is needed, please type N/A.

Your reservation will not be made until we confirm your request.
After receiving your Reservation Request, K9-Playtime will respond (via email) accordingly-
that email will either confirm your reservation or it will address any circumstance
that may prevent your dog(s) from coming to K9-Playtime.