Reservation Request

EXISTING CLIENTS - Have a new dog? Has it been 6 months or longer since your dog has been to K9-Playtime? If you answered YES to either of these questions, you can fill out this shortened request form as you are already registered in our system. Submitting this Reservation Request in advance allows us to verify kennel availability (if boarding) and to be sure your dog's vaccine history is up to date!

NEW CLIENTS - please submit a Reservation Request here.

*Please indicate your dog's breed *If your dog is a mix, please indicate the predominant breed
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*Please select which option best describes your dog, compared to a "typical" dog of the same breed *If you have more than one dog, please specify the characteristic that applies to each of your dogs in the "Additional Information" section below
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Requested Drop Off Date
*Please select the requested drop off date for Boarding, Daycare, or Grooming. *A Pick Up Date must also be selected when requesting a Boarding reservation, in the following field
Requested Pick Up Date (Boarding only)
Requested Pick Up Date (Boarding only)
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*Please provide any additional information regarding your request and be sure to disclose any pertinent information that may affect your dog's stay at K9-Playtime *If your dog will be unable to participate in group play (daycare/boarding), please inform us below *If no additional information is needed, please type N/A

Your reservation will not be made until we confirm your request.
After receiving your Reservation Request, K9-Playtime will respond (via email) accordingly-
that email will either confirm your reservation or it will address any circumstance
that may prevent your dog(s) from coming to K9-Playtime.