We know our canine companions cannot always accompany us when we leave home, so we provide them a restful retreat.  Overnight, for a weekend or longer, your dog will feel secure with a private sleeping space. After a day of play and a bedtime snack, they settle into a kennel with soft music. 
Each boarder is provided accommodations including his/her own private sleeping space with comfortable bedding and owners are encouraged to provide a familiar smelling article for added comfort. There is no additional discount (Multi-Dog Discount only), but owners can request that dogs from the same family sleep together. We feed dogs in their private accommodations where they can enjoy their food without worry. Accommodations are assigned according to dog's size.  

Clients are required to provide:

Registration Forms: (boarding/daycare) We require *new* clients to turn in a completed set of Registration Forms before a dog can stay at K9-Playtime. You can bring a completed set in with your dog for your first visit (we do not need it before then).
1. If you have more than one dog, you do not need to complete more than one set of Registration Forms - simply put all dogs' information on one set.

Food: (boarding/daycare) We require owners to provide food from home (to prevent GI upset). 
1. Individually portion and bag each meal that your dog will be fed while staying with us and please also provide instructions for feeding
a) EXAMPLE: "Rover is staying for three days and is fed three times per day. So, if Rover will be dropped off right before dinner the first day and picked up before lunch the third day, we would expect to be given no fewer than 5 bagged meals (Day One: 1 bag, Day Two: 3 bags, Day Three: 1 bag)
b) If an owner has been asked (verbally or through email) to fulfill this requirement and simply chooses not to individually portion and bag meals, an additional convenience fee will be charged.
c) If your dog will only be staying for the day and will not need to be fed while at K9-Playtime, you do not need to provide food.
**K9-Playtime feeds at 7:00AM, 12:00PM, and 5:00PM.
**K9-Playtime does not provide food.
**K9-Playtime provides bowls for food & water.

Medications/Supplements: (boarding/daycare) If your dog requires medications and/or supplements, please also include detailed administration instructions.

Bed (small)/Blanket: (boarding only) If you would like to bring a comfort item (a bed, a blanket, or something that smells like you) from home, please feel free. 
1. We request that owners do not bring a gigantic bed, unless accompanied by a gigantic dog!
**K9-Playtime provides bedding if not brought from home.
**K9-Playtime is not responsible for any damages to bedding, blankets, personal belongings, etc.
**A Bed(small)/Blanket is only needed if a dog is here for an overnight stay.

Flat Collar: (boarding/daycare) We require every dog to wear a flat collar while at K9-Playtime.
**ID tags are not required and K9-Playtime is not responsible for lost/damaged tags, etc.

Leash: (boarding/daycare) We require every dog to enter and exit K9-Playtime on a leash, which will be stored/returned with your dog's other belongings.

**If you have any questions, our FAQs page may provide some answers!**
 If you would like a printout of this information, click here.

Boarding Prices

Overnight Stay (Daycare included) - $36.50 + tax / dog / night

*Single Overnight Stay - Additional Daycare Fees will be applied when Early Drop Off AND Late Pick Up is needed for a dog that is only staying with us for one night (ex: a dog is dropped off before 12:00 p.m. on May 1st and picked up after 12:00 p.m. on May 2nd). The added fee is $10.00 + tax/dog.

*Requests for Overnight Stay WITHOUT Daycare will be individually assessed and additional charges may apply.

**Prices subject to change without notice
**Multi-Dog Discounts:  2 dogs = 5% discount,   3+ dogs = 10% discount (Multi-Dog Discounts do not apply to packages)
**Dogs not picked up by close of business will be boarded and charged accordingly.

**In season (intact) females will not be permitted at K9-Playtime's facility.
**No Reservation Fees will be applied if a dog is dropped off with the intention of boarding and has no prior reservation. The added fee is $10.00 + tax/dog.

**Please submit requests as far in advance as possible. Kennel space can be limited close to holidays and your dog's vaccinations must be verified before a reservation can be made. If we cannot verify your dog's vaccination history or if your dog's vaccination history is not up to date, we will be unable to allow your dog to come into our facility- no exceptions. 
**In order to provide optimal protection for your dog(s), veterinarians recommend vaccinations be given at least 2 weeks prior to contact with other dogs.



  • K9-Playtime will no longer be offering Boarding Packages effective September 5th, 2017. After September 5th, 2017, no client will be permitted to purchase a boarding package. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you!

  • Previously purchased boarding packages are redeemable until completed

  • K9-Playtime will still offer the boarding service, just not the boarding packages**"