They know our dog’s name each time we come in and he is always excited to get there. They also let us know how he was while he was there, so we know what his behavior was like and what we need to work on. Highly recommended.
— Cole
Our dogs have been going here since the business opened. On SO many occasions the staff there has gone above and beyond to help us with our needs! So thankful to everyone there.
— Kathryn
The grooming service is fantastic! This is my first experience with a dog who needs grooming, and a former grooming service was rushed and anxious to pass off my dog...and not to mention expensive! K9-Playtime was kind, and cared about us and what we thought. A breath of fresh air for us. Plus, her hair cut was the absolute best we have seen on her. She looked cute afterwards rather than shaved and ridiculous! Thank you so much Christina!- we will be back!
— Jennifer
Great place to bring your dog. Clean, great staff. Our puppy absolutely loves being able to play with the other dogs when there. Peace of mind when you don’t want to leave them home alone for an extended period of time.
— Gerry
We’ve taken our Alaskan Klee Kai here for about two years now, tallying up to well over 100 daycare visits. The care and socialization she receives at K9-playtime has been instrumental to her coming out of her shell around both other animals and people. I love that they segregate the small dogs (“littles”) from the large ones, so I know she’s safe. And when I pick her up after work she always has a goofy grin on her face (photo in the comments) and zonks out on the way home. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, with an obvious passion for what they do.
— Alex
Love this place!! My pups have a blast at daycare every time and I know they are well taken care of when they are boarded there. Thanks so much!!!
— Katie
Our Newfoundland puppy absolutely loves going here to play every week! She has so much fun, and comes home exhausted (which is great!). The staff is so caring, and I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
— Kate
Our dog gets lots of much needed exercise and the people are nice.
— Sarah
Togo absolutely loves it here! He gets so excited when he realizes where we are going. The staff always remembers him and greets him with tons of enthusiasm! I do wish I could get more pictures/video of him playing. I tell everyone how awesome K9 Play time is!
— Courtney
Great place for dogs to play, and the staff is very caring towards the dogs .
— Kevin
Togo absolutely loves it here! He gets so excited when he realizes where we are going. The staff always remembers him and greets him with tons of enthusiasm! I do wish I could get more pictures/video of him playing. I tell everyone how awesome K9 Playtime is!
— Courtney
I would trust no other place to care for my 2 dogs while we vacation. It’s a place where dogs can be dogs. And it’s evident the girls who work there are passionate about their work by the way they care for my babies. I love that they are all bathed and squeaky clean when i pick them up. Thank you girls!!! Droopy and Chilly thank you as well. They are out like a light!!
— Janice
We found this place through a coworker who takes his dog here. Our 100 lbs Newfie lab mix LOVES K9 Playtime and all the dogs and staff there! We also love this place. We take him for daycare and we board him here when needed. The staff is amazing and they love Tator like we do. He cannot wait to come here every week and he is exhausted when he leaves. I trust them with him and would highly recommend K9 Playtime to anyone.
— Samantha
Best doggy day care ever! Wonderful staff. Miss Roxy had the time of her life and made new friends. Thank you all :)
— Sheila
Every time I bring the dog to K9 Playtime, she’s so excited once we pull into the parking lot. The staff has been nothing less than great. The day care and boarding fees are also very affordable. Highly recommended!
— Levi
Great place to bring pets. The staff here are genuinely excited to see the dogs when i bring them in. They are also very god about giving us feedback on how each one of our dogs are doing and how they are getting along with other dogs. We bring our 2 year old lab mix and our new hound mix puppy to them twice a week and its amazing how absolutely worn out they are when i pick them up. During the winter months when its hard to get them to go outside to get some exercise this is a great socialization and workout experience for them. I highly recommend this establishment and refer my friends to them all the time.
— Steven
They did great with my two German Shepherd/Siberian Huskies and Pitt bull/lab mix grooming this morning. Very patient with them and they all got to stay together which was a big deal since they all have separation anxiety.
— Angel
My dogs, JJ & Lillie, always have a great time and come home exhausted. The staff greet the dogs by name when we walk in the door. They also know each dogs personality and handle them accordingly. Lillie is shy and the staff always take time to reconnect with her so she becomes comfortable quickly.
— Carrie
Our friends at K9- Playtime have been doing a wonderful job, from day one of operations. We travel frequently, and are always confident that our beloved Dara is receiving top-notch care while we are away. Thanks!
— Greg
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Todd the last few days. He came home so tuckered out!
— Chris
I fell like we’ve tried every Kennel in the east metro trying to figure out the best course of action after our dog was attacked in the last kennel we used. None have had the combination of great service, flexibility and price that we get with K-9 Playtime. Our dog can be a bit needy at times, and they seem to take care of her with ease. Staff is always extremely fast in getting back to my often impromptu requests, and they treat my dog like royalty. Couldn’t ask for a better place, totally worth the extra 10 minute drive.
— Andrew
My Doberman puppy, Cedar, is as thrilled as I am to have found K9.On our 1st daycare visit, the staff were careful to introduce him to the best-fit level play group. Three weeks later, our 2nd visit began with staff remembering him,and his name, as well as being genuinely glad to see him! I was very impressed and continue to be. Cedar NEEDS the socialization and exercise and I NEED the calm and peace of mind we both end up with after a day here. I will definitely board my pup here whenever necessary and the fact that I drive from New Richmond just to bring him here to play speaks volumes. This place is amazing.
— Debra
Our 3 dogs absolutely love going here! 2 of which are rescues, and have always been nervous around new people, but bringing them here is such a breeze! Everyone is so nice, and you can tell that everyone really loves the dogs. If you haven’t brought your furbaby here yet, you need too! You guys are fur real amazing.
-Jadie, bueller, and maverick!!
— Katee
We picked our Very “high energy” boy Cooper today from his first time being boarded. Not 10 minutes after being home he is sound asleep. We loved the facility and it looks like he did too! Everyone is so kind and friendly. We look forward to boarding there again soon.
— Liz
Love it!! My dog is a little shy and the staff took the time to ease her into the new atmosphere. Since my dog is a scardy pants, it took at least a week of going here before she felt comfortable. Now she’s so excited to be here it’s like she can hardly contain herself in the car when we pull up! She loves the staff and goes right up to them. The dogs have access to fresh water all the time, too! Some day cares don’t do that. I also like how you don’t have the option to buy your dog treats, because i feel the dogs are more equal this way and no one will get jealous. Call me crazy, but if my dog sees other dogs getting treats, i swear she will get WAY jealous!! Plus i don’t want her to feel bad because we can’t afford the extra special treats or whatever.
— Abigayle
After 1 day, My 1 year old Dalmatian and I are hooked! :) he didn’t last 5 mins in the car and he was out cold and he was in bed sleeping by 6pm which has never happened Haha thank you so much to the K-9 staff. This place is huge with so much room to play and so many dogs it truly is a great variety and environment. I will happily take Rocky to K-9 any chance I can get. Melissa and staff, you are too wonderful :)
— Kelsie
Lambeau loves going to daycare and we always feel good leaving him for a longer stay because we know he loves it! He comes home exhausted, which is good...and he is a much more content dog. I wish I could take him every day!
— Kelli
My dog does not like Day Cares generally. But he has never had an issue here. He loves the attendants and a normally shy dog runs up to them to say hi and follows them in with out an issue.
— Kent
I started taking Saoirse to daycare here because she needed more exercise than she was getting at the previous daycare she was going to. She is a Border Collie and needs to run and play a lot. They have a huge outdoor area with real grass and trees and plenty of room to run. Saoirse comes home exhausted and happy. I was very impressed at how the staff interacted with her. You can tell that they genuinely love dogs.
— Kathy
Rev must have had a great time! He was very happy! Thank you for taking him! We will be sure to have him there again!
— Darah
This is the first time bringing our four legged baby to a kennel. He came home exhausted, which can be pretty hard to wear him out at times. Great customer service!! Will definitely be bringing him back.
— Cheri
This is the first place that my very fluffy siberian husky actually likes to come and get groomed! They do an amazing job and great customer service too. And costs us half the amount as the previous groomer we were going to.
— Nicole
I have left my two dogs here three times now and my dogs are always tired when I pick them up. I love the fact the the staff remembers me and my dogs and how different their personalities are. Only place I will use for daycare.
— Carolina
Julius, our 2-year-old rescue, absolutely LOVES going to daycare at K-9 Playtime! When we ask him, “Do you want to go to daycare and play with your friends?” he goes crazy, spins, and runs to the door with excitement. He loves the staff and all the love he receives. He comes home exhausted and happy! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful option for him!
— Janelle
Awesome time at K9! Thank you
— Susan
Murphy is a regular at Daycare, and he loves it. Mondays, he whines with enthusiasm as we pull into the parking lot. “Finally! The boring weekend is over and I’m back with all my friends.” :-) I could take it personally, but I’m happy he has such a good time and is excited to go back.
— Martha
We had our collie groomed here yesterday. Friendly staff and clean facility and our dog is clean! She was happy when we picked her up and they said she was fine while she was there. Definitely coming back!
— Ilisa
Kya LOVES K9 Playtime! The employees let her walk in by herself and choose who she wants to play with. From a dog mom with a skittish and wary dog, this place is really amazing. There’s no pressure on her to associate with the humans if she doesn’t want to. Overall, a very nice place to bring any kind of dog! I just wish I got more pictures and videos of her playing! ;)
— Kayla
Our boys Balto & Max love K-9 & can’t wait to visit again in a couple weeks. Thank you :)
— Mari
Had my 100 lb + newfie/lab/great pyrenees dog groomed at K9 Playtime today. Amazing customer service, and grooming. He looks so awesome, like a brand new dog. The place was so clean and the staff was very friendly. We had an awesome experience with the groomer, my dog didn’t want to leave. Wish I could give more than 5 stars, they deserve it. Definitely will be going back.
— Jessica
Great Experience!!!!I have 2 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Honey Bee & Bear. They are not the friendliest dogs and very difficult to groom. Heather Chantry was awesome. She knows how to make the dogs feel comfortable and at home. She did an amazing job shampooing, drying and getting their winter coat more manageable, also cutting their nails. No one touches Bears feet. I couldn’t believe she was able to cut his nails.
If you are looking for a place to bring your pet K9-Playtime is the place. They really care about your pet and take their time doing a wonderful job.
— Lisa
Grover loved it there!! They are friendly and love dogs! They took great care of my pup for over night boarding and his special nighttime care :). He can’t wait to go back!!
— Michelle
We have a 1 year old that claws to get in the door every time we bring her to K9! The owners are wonderful. Clean, welcoming, great experience for our dog.
— Lorie
I stopped in to tour the daycare today and instantly loved it! Bekah is a wonderful face of K9-Playtime. She was so thorough in touring me around. I loved that the building was so large and did not smell like wet dogs! Very clean and organized! The outside play yard was huge and my dog will love it. The dogs in the play areas were carefully placed in compatible groups. No chaos, sad or depressed dogs at all!! They all seemed to truly be happy. I cannot wait to bring my dog Maizy, to K9-Playtime!! I’m very thrilled to have found a safe and loving place to take my dog.
— Tracy
Our beagle loves K9-Playtime and comes home ready to sleep. It’s nice to have a staff that knows his name when he comes through the door too!
— Dan
Cooper, a labradoodle and goldendoodle mix, has been going to K9-Playtime since he was about 4 months old. We have used their daycare and boarding services and are extremely happy with the care that Cooper receives. Kim, Melissa and Bekah treat him as one of the family. We have also taken advantage of some of the other services K-9 provides, like nail trimming and bathing and have been equally pleased with those services as well. K9 provides a very professional, yet loving environment for my special guy, paying close attention to the special needs of each individual dog. They have great facilities, including an indoor play area, that allows for separate play, based on size, energy level and temperament of the dogs, as well as a large grassy area for the dogs to run around and play. Cooper has been going regularly to K-9 for over 4 months and I am still amazed at the personalized attention he receives. He had a few minor health issues when he was younger and they were great at providing medications and keeping an extra watchful eye on him during that time. Cooper loves going to K-9 Playtime, he knows when we are a block from the facility and is up and bouncing around the car, with his tail wagging a mile a minute and can’t wait to get in the door to be greeted with hugs. I couldn’t think of a better place to take him, this is especially important to an “Overprotective Human Mom”. Thank You
— Teri
Awesome facility and very clean!!!! Can’t beat the friendly staff either. It’s like leaving your dogs with family! Very trustworthy. Keep up the good work K9-Playtime!
— Kayla
My Gunner has never been sleepy and you guys have put her out for the night:) Thank you!!!
— Josh
We love K9-Playtime as this family run business cares about our dog, our family member! They are very accommodating and put the interest of our dog first while caring for her during a long day. By the time we pick her up, she is T-I-R-E-D! The facility is very clean and we love the fact that there is an outdoor play area with grass... not an asphalt driveway or small strip of grass in which the dogs are walked on a leash. They get to run and play! Also, the dogs’ safety is K9’s first priority by properly having safety doors/gates in the appropriate areas, as well as making sure the dogs are grouped together in smaller more appropriate age/size groups.
— Shelby
We bring our 5 month old Newfoundland to K9-Playtime. He just loves going there and has a blast playing with dogs appropriate to his age and size. He loves to play in their huge grass outdoor area and also inside. The owner Kim and her daughters treat our dog like family and are so knowledgable about dogs and their behaviors. He comes home so happy and tired!!! Our dog has been going to K9-Playtime consistently for over a month and we are so happy with their friendly, and professional service! Thank you!!!
— Annie
I’ve never taken a dog to daycare before but when we adopted a puppy I knew we would have to due to our work schedules. Pepper loves to go to daycare and I know she is in excellent hands when she is there! She comes home nice and tired and it has made her so much easier to train. This is a great facility and the staff is awesome!
— Kim
This is absolutely the best dog daycare place in the area. My two boxers can’t wait to get in the door and greet Bekah, Melissa and Kim. Moka and Buster are treated like one of their family dogs. Why would you take your dog anywhere else?
— Penny
Our 1 year old Boxer is snoring after his day of play!! We love this place! Friendly, clean and the dogs have a blast!
— Nan
I have a one year old spring spaniel with more energy than I have time. Six weeks ago I decided to try taking him to K9-Playtime’s dog daycare. The hope was he would be more entertained while my husband and I were at work, he would get more exercise and when we were all together in the evenings, we could relax a little more than we could before because of Keefer’s need to constantly play and burn off his energy.
It couldn’t have worked any better. The staff is fantastic and truly loves what they do. The make sure Keefer is with other dogs with his same energy level and desire to play (or not). Each night I get updates from them of how he did that day and I know he has been well taken care of.
They also offer bathing and nail clipping services which have also been very convenient. One less stop I have to worry about fitting into my schedule. Thanks to the staff at K9 for giving me the opportunity to enjoy Keefer more fully and know that he is a happy dog both before and after I drop him off for the day.
— Julie
Our Golden-Doodle, Leroy, loves his time at K9! He loves the snuggles & love he gets from Bekah, Melissa & Kim plus he comes home all played out...which is good on days that are hectic and busy for us as a family. We appreciate having a place to bring him to play during the day and also have the opportunity to have brush-outs and nails trimmed!
— Libby
Couldn’t find better dog day care around! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! The best part is how happy and tired my dog was when I came to pick him up! We’ll be back :
— Brigham
Our wild child had a blast and came home exhausted. We will for sure be back In the future!
— Morgan
Awesome Job done by K9-Playtime! Wrigley is still tired after his first day back into a doggy daycare. He loved it. Staff is wonderful to deal with, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. So glad to have you guys open for business. Can’t wait to see your business grow and all the fur-friends that will be created. Was very pleased with your location and the play areas. What a clean facility also! Keep up the good work!
— Troy